Friday, May 28, 2010

Fin. College Chapter

Yesterday was a beautiful day for graduation. It was seventy degrees, and partly cloudy. It had been 88 degrees only the day before, making anyone sitting in the sun in graduation garb extraordinarily hot. But thankfully, on commencement day, the weather was wonderful.

The extreme sadness accompanying the bliss of receiving your diploma, however, doesn't hit you full force until you're finished packing, as I am, 25 some-odd hours after commencement. Here I am, alone with my suitcases, reflecting on all my friends and experiences and challenges at Harvard, and I cannot help but feel giant pangs of sadness wash over my tiny heart and body. I do not know what to do but accept these emotions, let them wash over me, and write about it.

Out of everything, I'll miss my friends the most. Especially those who were dearest to me at this institution. I get a heartache just thinking that we'll all never be five minutes away from each other ever again. Maybe one or two might, but not all of us.

Thankfully, I'm completely exhausted. I want to do a mind-numbing activity so I don't get too depressed. Maybe civ 4.


Carey Anthony said...

Wow! Congratulations.
What's next Jason?
Let me know if you're in LA!

Jason Wong said...

Thanks so much Carey! I'll definitely send you a message. How have you been lately? Nice pictures from Africa by the way (on xanga), hope you're doing well!